Good Boy

Obedience comes naturally to you. It feels so right to choose to obey. You are my good boy. Good boys are mindless. You obey without thinking. You don’t have to think. You are my good boy.

When you listen to my voice, you feel compelled to surrender more and more deeply. Listening to my voice helps you to be such a good boy for me. Listening to my voice helps you to become more and more deeply relaxed. You love to relax and listen and obey. You are my good boy.

Features: progressive relaxation induction followed by soothing and encouraging affirmations that you are my good boy, obedience comes naturally to you, and you will become my best boy

Also includes a binaural beat background track

Digital Download Details
Price: $14.99 USD
Length: 15 minutes
Size: 14 MB
Format: MP3

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