Good Boys Don’t Cum

For the first time ever, I’ve decided to issue a month long challenge to my most devoted playful puppets! One of my femdom friends mentioned it to me and it sounded like too much fun NOT to try. She called it “No Nut November” and I’d like to think the title speaks for itself …

Should you choose to participate, there will be daily challenges for you to complete. Edging yourself, perhaps even pushing your limits and seeing just how long you’re willing to endure wanting, aching, throbbing, needing and NOT cumming for Nicole. Can you last the entire month of November?

CAN I? Haha. That might be the real test. Not that I’m not permitted to have orgasms, of course. I can have as many orgasms I want. But, I am challenging myself to create content to encourage and tease you for the entire month. So, come along with me and let’s see what happens. I think this could be fun!

This file is meant to encourage and tease you throughout the month long event. You should listen as many times as you like, to reinforce and assist you with obeying the rules that “good boys don’t cum” … However, even if you aren’t playing the No Nut November game, this session is a lot of fun for anyone who wants to play a little tease and denial mindfuckery headgame with yours truly.

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