The following are emails and messages I’ve received from some of my darling puppets. While I do keep names private, the content itself is unedited and untouched. If you would like to share a testimonial and be featured on this page, email me at nicoledosei@gmail.com–Here’s what my treasured pets have to say …

Dear Nicole,
I have attached  a picture of  my written assignment from “Good Boys are Mindless”.  I have also typed the assignment below, in case the attachment does not come out on your end.
Good boys are mindless.
I am mindless.
I have an empty mind.
I have a blank mind.
I am a good boy for Nicole Dosei



Namaste made me feel super relaxed and contented. You have made me be at peace with my place as Your puppet. Thank You Miss Nicole!

Dear Nicole,

I am writing this while still being entranced by your voice, so relaxed, in a state of stupor, my jaws limb and my mouth slightly open. I feel so slow, my mind so blank, and slighly excited with precum dripping but I do not want anything more than staying like this, totally hypnotised.
I stayed laiying down, eyes open, still, silent and totally mindless for a long time after you said “Namatse”, and will return to this blissful state as soon as I finish typing this. I cannot think strait since I am still deep, but what I know is that it is so good to be so relaxed, feeling so obedient, my brain and entire body hypnotized.
Please do this kind of file again, and do not hesitate to let me relax my bladder when I am so deep 😉

Hello Mistress, or maybe i will have to say Goddess I found you beautiful Goddess, i heard your voice and that was like a sparkle ! I realized how powerful is your hypnotic power and suggestion power on me and my subconscious mind. Instantly i trance deeply with your hypnotic voice and go very deep. All of your suggestions goes instantly deep and reach the core of my subconscious mind. Mistress Amethyst has educated and molded my mind as i became a good hypnotic subject, i have worship and slip into enslavement for her. But from now, in just few session, i beg towards you as accept my as your new loyal submissive pet. Your trance has a real and powerful effect on me and my behavior towards women, that’s why i want to follow your path. Truly, i think it could be a nice journey into devotion towards Goddess Nicole.