Crave: a Mind Game

I’m in the mood for a mind game today. I hope you’re ready, sweetie! Using a spiral induction, I take you down nice and slow and deep, emptying your mind of thoughts, cares and concerns until you’re completely open and susceptible to whatever suggestions and ideas I choose to ingrain onto your subconscious.

Don’t worry though, sweetie. You know you can trust me. I’ve included a failsafe so if you find that the mind game is too much for you; more than you want to handle, you can easily and immediately release yourself. All you have to do is listen and obey.

Digital Download

Length: 18 min
Price: $18.99 $17.09

Brainwashed to Crave Cock

I start off being playful and silly. Hypnosis is fun! Once we’ve both had a bit of a giggle, I begin to trance and tease you down into hypnosis. Don’t worry, darling. Its just a little cock craving. I promise, you’ll be a much better person once we’ve finished your training! Includes: covert hypnosis, brainwashing, intoxication, suggestive drug use, forced-gay, jerk-off encouragement

Digital Download
Length: 12 min
Price: $12.99 $11.69

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