Hello sweetie! I am Nicole Dosei, an experienced femdom and certified hypnotherapist that just loves to tease weak-willed men with my curvy body and debauched mind! My innocent, yet seductive voice and charming, playful demeanor have a way of making even the shyest guys talk and men’s cocks stand at attention.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than playing erotic little mind games with submissive men. I’ll make you fall in love, wrapping you tightly around my little finger until you crave me like an addict craves his next fix.

When I’m *not* teasing and toying with vulnerable minds, I enjoy painting, spending time with my dog and I’ve recently begun making my own vegan, cruelty free bath and beauty products. (You should ask me about creating a custom scent for your wife or girlfriend! Or maybe even for yourself~)