Heart Throb

You find she’s always there, creeping into your thoughts and occupying those secret corners of your mind. She is featured in every lovely dress you see, every sexy piece of lingerie. You create memories out of fantasies and before you know it, you’ve built up an entire relationship with a woman you’ve never even touched.

But of course, its just a crush. Its just a little heart throb. That’s all it is. And that’s what happens whenever you think of her. Your heart throbs. You ache for her. In the stillness of night, lying alone in your bed or perhaps even lying next to another woman, your girlfriend or your wife, you’re thoughts drift to her; the woman of your dreams. And you throb …

In this session, I become the woman of your dreams and then I wrap you around my little finger, coaxing you to fall helplessly in love with me until you willingly give me whatever I want. I tease you relentlessly, giggling about how I get to cum and you don’t, not without my permission anyway. And I tell you exactly how you can be a good boy for me …And we both know you want to be such a good boy for me, don’t you? Nod if you agree!

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Length: 21 minutes
Size: 33 MB
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Unlimited Orgasms? Flip a Coin! Either Way, I Win

Goddesses should have unlimited orgasms but what about good boys? How many orgasms should good boys have? One? None? What if I make you flip a coin? Let the fates decide … Hmm.

You seem a little tense, sweetie. Maybe I should just trance and distract you to make things easier for you for awhile. And fuck with your head just a little more. Because its fun. And I can. And you love it when I do.

This session includes reprogramming, confession post-trance suggestions, mild findom and orgasm ruination.

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Length: 27 minutes
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More Mind Fucks & No Release

I know its only Day 3 but I felt like dropping a little trance training on all of my good puppets who are participating in my No Nut November challenge! I’ve been loving all the fantastic feedback and emails so far. It sounds like some of you are really having a great time and I look forward to seeing just how far I can push you with these assignments and tasks!

This session is all about making it better by making it worse. You’ll go down deep, of course and find yourself throbbing with need, aching with desire but absolutely unable to cum because good boys don’t cum and you want, more than anything else, to be such a good boy for me. I’m going to have your poor helpless mind so twisted up, so wrapped around my little finger, you won’t know what to do with yourself but that’s exactly how you like it, isn’t it sweetheart?

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Length: 24 minutes
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Good Boys Don’t Cum

For the first time ever, I’ve decided to issue a month long challenge to my most devoted playful puppets! One of my femdom friends mentioned it to me and it sounded like too much fun NOT to try. She called it “No Nut November” and I’d like to think the title speaks for itself …

Should you choose to participate, there will be daily challenges for you to complete. Edging yourself, perhaps even pushing your limits and seeing just how long you’re willing to endure wanting, aching, throbbing, needing and NOT cumming for Nicole. Can you last the entire month of November?

CAN I? Haha. That might be the real test. Not that I’m not permitted to have orgasms, of course. I can have as many orgasms I want. But, I am challenging myself to create content to encourage and tease you for the entire month. So, come along with me and let’s see what happens. I think this could be fun!

This file is meant to encourage and tease you throughout the month long event. You should listen as many times as you like, to reinforce and assist you with obeying the rules that “good boys don’t cum” … However, even if you aren’t playing the No Nut November game, this session is a lot of fun for anyone who wants to play a little tease and denial mindfuckery headgame with yours truly.

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Length: 16 minutes
Size: 22 MB
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Thought Obliteration

I’m giving out the treats a little early this year. I think we all need a little something, don’t you? In this trance training session, I play a little cat and mouse mind game. Will I trance you or not? I mean, it isn’t as if I have any spirals or pendulums. No stop watches or metronomes. How could I? I’m not even suggesting you close your eyes. Are you even tired?

Of course, I’ve caught you over thinking and that’s always a problem, isn’t it? One that I just happen to be uniquely adept at solving. I do have quite the penchant for sweeping all those pesky thoughts far, far away. Making them seem so unimportant and insignificant when I replace them with my own.

And of course, you love how it feels when I make you mine. You love feeling so vulnerable and deeply relaxed, wrapped around my little finger. But now is the time for tricks and treats and I have plenty of both for you, my darling. The session wraps up with a deeply rewarding orgasm trigger for my sweetest treasures and a reminder that no matter what you face in the days ahead, I am always with you.

I had a lot of fun recording this very sweet and nurturing femdom trance training mp3 and I hope you have much fun listening. Thank you so much for being patient with me, sweetie.

xo, Nicole!

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Length: 25 minutes
Size: 29 MB
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Love Slave (2020)

This is a very special erotic trance training mp3 meant to entice and enrapture you into falling helplessly and desperately in love with me. Listening to this file will cause you to surrender control of your subconscious mind whilst I envelope and overwhelm you with sensations of pleasure, arousal and desire until you have no choice but to give me everything.

I’ve been told over and over again that my “Love Slave” recording from 2008 was just so powerful, so impossible to resist that I felt inspired to record another, 13 years later and see just how much more powerful I’ve become. I had so much fun with this session, even surprising myself with a twist ending! I really hope that you have as much listening as I had recording and I look forward to hearing from you very, very soon.

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Length: 38 minutes
Size: 50 MB
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And because I know some of you will desperately need this, I’ve included this bonus recording as well …

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Latex Heat

Nicole Dosei


Dipped in Vinyl


In this femdom aural smut session, I’m the wealthy, dominant, spoiled owner of a fetish shop called Dipped in Vinyl. I cater to a variety of kinks but my absolute specialty is latex and PVC vinyl. I love pouring my lush curves into something a little less comfortable and a lot more shiny, using every inch of my body to tease and torment submissive men and women.

You’ve caught my eye and if you’re a very good boy, I may just keep you. But first you have to show me what you can really do for me. And you absolutely must obey my every whim and command. Don’t worry; I like to please you too. I’m especially hungry for that cock of yours and I want to see just how much you can take of this big, black dildo I picked just for you …

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Length: 16 minutes
Size: 20 MB
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Dressing Up with Miss Nicole

You love being feminized, dressing up as a pretty girl, wearing makeup and feminine clothing. You also love your wife, Nicole. And Nicole is always here to help you make the transition from your masculine facade. But today we’ll be experiencing something new~

I’ve been seeing another man for awhile now, ever since we decided to open up our marriage, and he’s decided he finally wants to play with both of us! So, relax your body, surrender your mind and come down to Nicole’s boudoir. I’m going to be dressing both of us for this exciting evening, transforming you into a slutty little sissy cuck.

Includes descriptions of your outfit as well as mine, things my lover might choose to do with you (or me!) and how I’ll be doing our hair and make up. There is also an element of findom in the post trance suggestions; including descriptions of you spoiling me absolutely rotten.

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Length: 24 minutes
Size: 31 MB
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Double Drain

What’s better than draining your wallet? Draining your wifey’s wallet too! In this femdom aural smut fantasy, I describe my experiences with an equally desperate husband and wife duo. The best part is the twist at the end … Oh, and the ten thousand dollars I get just for letting rabbit-dick hubby hump one of his darling wife’s frou frou silk throw pillows!

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Length: 9 minutes
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Drink Me

No spoilers this time …

This is true trickery on my part. No, I will not tell you what the suggestions are. Life is a series of choices. Should you choose to purchase this session, you should be prepared to do two things; one will be to prepare yourself a drink. The other will be to choose whether or not to actually drink it. If you do, you’ll descend down a rabbit hole … If you do not, you’ll simply fall asleep and eventually awaken, having experienced a relaxing trance.

There is an element of findom involved … You should also be prepared to spread your wallet, in a sense. You may find yourself making quite a few purchases. You may find yourself with a new and unexpected addiction to feed. Clear your schedule, darling. You may be listening to my voice for quite awhile.

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Length: 19 minutes
Size: 23 MB
Format: MP3