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You run into an artsy girl at a bar. Its a one night stand you won't soon forget! Features pegging,
An intense trance training session for those who want to experience the sensation of being transformed into a sexy, beautiful
Do you truly have what it takes to please me? To be my good boy? If you're ready to surrender
Why do you want me to bite you? Do you crave the sensation of abject helplessness? Taken over by something
Just relax and let go now, sweetheart. Relax and give in to what the whispers have been suggesting all along.
Obedience comes naturally to you. It feels so right to choose to obey. You are my good boy. Good boys
This is your time for deep trance. Your time to relax completely. It is important for you to have this
Using a combination of guided meditation and progressive relaxation, I guide you down into a deep trance where its just
I'm in the mood for a mind game today. I hope you're ready, sweetie! Using a spiral induction, I take
Its been awhile since I did an intense brainwashing session and its been even longer since I played around with