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You're so eager for this session, aren't you my love? That's right. You're so filled with longing to worship and
Non-sexual and non-gender specific; this session is designed so you can listen on a loop or not, as you wish.
A young woman is and awakens locked in an unknown basement cell; but Nicole Dosei is no shrinking violet. Using
After spending all day yesterday at the DMV only to be informed that I was given the wrong number and
Supposedly the new CEO is a real bitch with a weird name; Nicole Dosei. She doesn't seem to have any
A resistance induction *and* a spiral? I suppose I'm not really being fair at all with this one but I
In this follow up to "Addicted to Love" I begin with a light tease, following up with an induction meant
What began with a crush deepens into an addiction ... Spoiler alert: In this session I start things off with
It starts with a crush; cotton candy sweet, harmless little obsession. Its not as if you're obeying her every suggestion,
Gently reinforcing and tying together this month's previous sessions (Follow Me, Auto Somnia, Back Seam Obsession & Deeper), I once