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In this follow up to “Addicted to Love” I begin with a light tease, following up with an induction meant especially for my often overly analytical subjects who struggle to let go … You know who you are and you know you can’t resist my powerful confusion inductions. If that isn’t you, don’t worry–I’ve also woven a wonderful bit of guided imagery into this session as well and once you’re down nice and deep I begin to take advantage of you for allowing yourself to become addicted to me; my voice, my and of course for tumbling down the rabbit hole that is falling in love with a powerful, manipulative erotic like myself. I also make liberal use of that fun trigger phrase I implanted in “Addicted to Love” so make sure you’ve listened to that session before this one! (In this series: Crush – Addicted to Love – 1 4 3 – Mad Love)

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Length: 17 minutes
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Addicted to Love

What began with a crush deepens into an addiction … Spoiler alert: In this session I start things off with a little conversational induction, tricking your mind into tumbling over into trance and before you know it I’ll have implanted a fun little post trigger that I’ll be using in my next session as well~ (In this series: Crush – Addicted to Love – 1 4 3 – Mad Love)

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It starts with a crush; cotton candy sweet, harmless little obsession. Its not as if you’re obeying her every suggestion, eagerly following her into deeper and deeper rabbit holes like a helpless puppy … Or are you? Will you? How far will you go to prove yourself worthy of your crush? I, for one, am very curious to find out!

This session kicks off an entire month of wild love obsessed with yours truly. Come along for the ride, sweetheart. (In this series: Crush – Addicted to Love – 1 4 3 – Mad Love)

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Back Seam Obsession

In keeping with this month’s theme–Obsession & Addiction–I give you a little taste of my own personal obsession with back seam stockings. But what sort of manipulatrix would I be if I didn’t find a way to turn the tables on you? That’s right. You only thought I was reminiscing about my early explorations in power and control. Before you know it, I’ll have you drifting down into a deep trance and wrapped tightly around my little finger, obsessing about none other than yours truly, of course.

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In this mesmerizing mp3, I start things off nice and slow; taking you down into a deep trance before implanting suggestions and triggers that will have lasting affects on both your conscious and subconscious mind. Together we will train your mind and body to relax more deeply so you will be left pliant, open and submissive to the affects of my voice.

I also begin to lay down the foundation for you to experience auto somnia whenever you experience physical pleasure; even when you are not actively listening to my voice. This is an ideal session to pair with any of my other erotic trance mp3s or you may choose to listen prior to engaging in sexual activities with other people as well … The effect being to heighten your pleasurable experiences and deepen your natural ability and desire to submit.

GENDER NEUTRAL – This session was written to work for anyone of any gender.

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Follow Me

My first session of 2018!

In this session I guide you down a spiral staircase, encouraging you to allow yourself to be comfortable, relaxed and open as you listen to my voice and follow me wherever I lead. Once your nice and deeply relaxed, I use lots of soothing encouragement to reaffirm that you *are* MY good boy until finally I reward you for your loyalty, submission and devotion with guided masturbation and repeated mantras until you finally cum for me like the precious pet you are!

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Length: 18 minutes
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Feeling Small

Small penis humiliation delivered in the most nurturing way possible. Sometimes its okay to feel small, to admit and accept your inadequacies. Put this session on repeat and listen as you fall asleep to experience the deepest possible effects.

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Length: 3 minutes
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Good Boys are Mindless

Released June 8, 2017 — This is actually a four-part series however I’ve written them so each mp3 has its own powerful affects on your subconscious mind. You can listen to each one in succession or simply purchase the titles that interest you most!

This session focuses on the beginning of your journey; teaching you to listen to and follow my voice, obeying my suggestions and accepting the new mantras I’ve given you. I will redefine your reality and reshape your mind until you become my obedient fuck puppet, giving everything over to me because all that matters to you is becoming a very good boy for Nicole Dosei.

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I decided to try something new with this erotic session; using you as my own personal guinea pig so I can experiment with transformation and brainwashing . This session also includes jerk-off-instructions as well as an opportunity for you to express the progress of your transformation from a human individual to my own personal possession and plaything.

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Length: 24 minutes
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You are Mine

Using a long induction including progressive relaxation and counts, I compel you into a deep trance. I use brainwashing repetition to teach you where and with whom you belong, programming your subconscious mind until you understand irrevocably that you are mine. Finally, after your lesson is learned, I take what I want from you–your power, your love and your money–spiraling your mind into a desperate stroke and pay frenzy until you cum for me like the good boy you are.

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Length: 30 minutes
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