I’m in the mood for a mind game today. I hope you’re ready, sweetie! Using a spiral induction, I take you down nice and slow and deep, emptying your mind of thoughts, cares and concerns until you’re completely open and susceptible to whatever suggestions and ideas I choose to ingrain onto your subconscious.

Don’t worry though, sweetie. You know you can trust me. I’ve included a failsafe so if you find that the mind game is too much for you; more than you want to handle, you can easily and immediately release yourself. All you have to do is listen and obey.

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Length: 18 minutes
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Temple of the Goddess

You’re so eager for this session, aren’t you my love? That’s right. You’re so filled with longing to worship and surrender completely. My voice can take you there. I can guide you down, so deep …

For the next 20 minutes, all ll I want you to do is listen and obey. Simply trust in the sound of my voice and the words that I speak because you know that I am your Goddess. And what does a good boy like you do in the presence of a goddess? Hmmm? That’s right. You worship and adore.

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Length: 20 minutes
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Gently Bitten

A beautiful woman approaches you on the street, offering the most intense pleasure you’ve ever felt and all she wants is to suck you dry!

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Length: 11 minutes
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Obsessed with Nicole’s Ass

Perhaps you never knew, but you’re totally obsessed with my gorgeous ass. Its so perfect and round and you can’t take your eyes off those swaying globes as I walk away, can you sweetie? That’s right. You’re totally obsessed with my ass so lie back, close your eyes and give me the next half hour to tease and tantalize your subconscious mind as you worship my mesmerizing ass.

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Length: 28 minutes
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Cock Rapture

Prior to becoming a pro-domme, I was a lifestyle submissive and one of my favorite ways of serving my master was giving him oral sex. Let me tell you all about it.

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Length: 6 minutes
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Cocksucking Cuckold Bitch

Your hot wife Nicole has some very specific demands if you want to stay married. Your pathetic little peen just isn’t enough for such a perfect woman but that’s okay, darling. Your wifey has a plan~

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Price: $7.64 USD
Length: 8 minutes
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