Thinking can be so difficult. Sometimes you just wish you could stop all the thoughts that seem to be constantly swirling around and around in your mind. Sometimes you just wish you could listen … Obey … And forget. Features conversational trance, spiral focus induction, whispering background tracks, somatic trance music, binaural beats

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Length: 15 minutes
Size: 15 MB
Format: MP3

Bliss and Release

Brainwashing feels so good; having all those burdensome concerns and cares simply whisked away until your mind is scrubbed clean. Of course, thats only the beginning of your journey with me. Once your mind is sexy and blank, I can come in and replace your thoughts with my own … Features brainwashing, deep trance mind control, binaural beats and tantric rhythms. Includes themes of love, addiction and financial domination.

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This session turned out so well! I actually tranced myself a little bit whilst recording it and had to re-record the second half. That’s seriously how good this is!

I’ve included a subtle post-trance suggestion in this one as well as a tiny bit of amnesia for those who enjoy that sort of thing. There’s just a hint of sexual suggestion–Primarily this session focuses on encouraging you to relax deeply, enjoying all the sensations that my powerfully mesmerizing voice has to offer.

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Length: 24 minutes
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Such a Good Boy

In this mp3 I begin with promises of reward and relaxation. After all, you’ve earned it, haven’t you? You’ve been such a good boy for me, so devoted, so loyal. But of course, even the very best puppets need a little reinforcement from time to time and this erotic trance session does just that … With a new spin on the familiar progressive relaxation induction, I take my time and guide you down into a deep trance. Then I reinforce some old triggers (such a good boy, obedient puppet, you are mine) as well as adding in some new ones (stroke, pay, obey) until you finally receive your well-deserved reward!

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Length: 29 minutes
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Candy Apple Cummies

In this erotic audio session, I set suggestions in place to reprogram your mind so that your cum will be as delicious to you as a candied apple! Each time you listen to this mp3, your cummies will taste more and more like a delicious candy apple treat! Each time you listen to this mp3, your cock will throb. Your mouth will water. And you will crave the sweet taste of your own delicious candy apple cummies. In fact, you may find yourself craving candy apple cummies every single day. And each time your touch your cock, each time you make yourself cum, you’ll enjoy a delicious treat and think of your queen, Nicole Dosei.

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Length: 21 minutes
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