Using a combination of guided meditation and progressive relaxation, I guide you down into a deep trance where its just you and me. Nestle against my breast and listen to the sound of my beating heart, sweetie while I take control of your subconscious mind–Brainwashing you into a mindless, obedient drone.

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Length: 16 minutes
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You’ve been struggling for quite some time now. You try so hard to resist but time and time again you find yourself coming back for more. The sad truth is, you’re an addict sweetie. You need to be taken down deep and no one does it quite like Nicole Dosei. In this erotic trance mp3 I use a powerful combination of binaural beats (starts @ 2:30) brainwashing and reprogramming to tease your subconscious mind. I had a lot of fun with this recording, basically using your mind like a toy for my own personal gain and amusement. Includes triggers and suggestions for love, obsession, tribute and gift giving as well as some light, taunting humiliation.

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Length: 32 minutes
Size: 30 MB
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