Mad Love

A resistance induction *and* a spiral? I suppose I’m not really being fair at all with this one but I never promised to be fair … As I recall, you love being and manipulated by me and I had a lot of fun delving into my bag of tricks, tying together this little series of mp3s for the month of February. I think you’ll have a lot of fun too, sweetie. This is one session I’m sure you’ll enjoy listening to again and again. (In this series: Crush – Addicted to Love – 1 4 3 – Mad Love)

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1 4 3

In this follow up to “Addicted to Love” I begin with a light tease, following up with an induction meant especially for my often overly analytical subjects who struggle to let go … You know who you are and you know you can’t resist my powerful confusion inductions. If that isn’t you, don’t worry–I’ve also woven a wonderful bit of guided imagery into this session as well and once you’re down nice and deep I begin to take advantage of you for allowing yourself to become addicted to me; my voice, my and of course for tumbling down the rabbit hole that is falling in love with a powerful, manipulative erotic like myself. I also make liberal use of that fun trigger phrase I implanted in “Addicted to Love” so make sure you’ve listened to that session before this one! (In this series: Crush – Addicted to Love – 1 4 3 – Mad Love)

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Addicted to Love

What began with a crush deepens into an addiction … Spoiler alert: In this session I start things off with a little conversational induction, tricking your mind into tumbling over into trance and before you know it I’ll have implanted a fun little post trigger that I’ll be using in my next session as well~ (In this series: Crush – Addicted to Love – 1 4 3 – Mad Love)

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It starts with a crush; cotton candy sweet, harmless little obsession. Its not as if you’re obeying her every suggestion, eagerly following her into deeper and deeper rabbit holes like a helpless puppy … Or are you? Will you? How far will you go to prove yourself worthy of your crush? I, for one, am very curious to find out!

This session kicks off an entire month of wild love obsessed with yours truly. Come along for the ride, sweetheart. (In this series: Crush – Addicted to Love – 1 4 3 – Mad Love)

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Feeling Small

Small penis humiliation delivered in the most nurturing way possible. Sometimes its okay to feel small, to admit and accept your inadequacies. Put this session on repeat and listen as you fall asleep to experience the deepest possible effects.

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Cuckold Training

You scheduled a session with Doctor Dosei for what you thought would be marriage counseling and sex therapy. What you didn’t count on was your wife speaking to her first or the two of them teaming up to give you a little training on how to be a more satisfying husband and puppet. This is the third recording in my Unethical Therapy series where I use my skills as a hypnotherapist to make you better by making you worse! This mp3 includes deep trance, your wife being fucked by her lover while you watch, jerk off instructions, cum eating instructions and more.

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Cock Control

Using a spiral induction to take you down nice and deep, I punctuate post-trance suggestions with fingersnaps and take control of your mind, your sexuality and your cock. (Please note: this is a very old session and was originally a custom request. It includes the use of aversion therapy.)

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Such Good Therapy

In this aural femdom fantasy, I begin by instructing in exactly how I want you to stroke for me, using my sensual voice and giggle to tease and edge you, closer and close to climax. I’m your kinky, unethical therapist, Doctor Nicole Dosei and this session is just a taste of the things I have in store for a vulnerable, submissive, weak-minded patient like you.

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