Tarot Readings

In addition to being a powerful erotic hypnotist, I am also a hedge witch and empathic medium. I’ve been studying Tarot for quite some time now and have decided to offer readings. Please read the following carefully before selecting what type of reading you would like.

Once you have paid for your selection, please contact me at nicoledosei@gmail.com with a copy of your PayPal receipt and the questions you’d like to address or any pertinent details you’d like me to know in regards to your query.

You will receive an email containing a photograph of the cards drawn for your particular spread as well as my interpretation of each card.

Single Card Reading – $10

Best for yes/no, either/or questions, or straightforward questions requiring an immediate answer. Please allow 24 hours for my interpretation.

Three Card Reading – $30

I approach three card readings in one of two ways. Past-Present-Future in which the left card represents the past, the middle represents the present and the right card represents the future. Alternatively I can use these three cards to focus on the immediate situation, interpreting the nature of the situation, your attitude towards the situation and key elements for you to consider. Please allow 24 hours for my interpretation.

Five Card Reading – $50

This type of reading is best for practical, everyday problems when you need a simple, direct approach for dealing with a specific concern. Please allow 24 hours for my interpretation.

Ten Card Reading – $100

My most popular reading; this is your best option when you’re seeking in-depth insight into a query or situation. I usually use the Celtic Cross spread for these readings, however if you’re familiar with and have a preference for another 9-10 card spread, don’t hesitate to let me know. Please allow 48 hours for my interpretation.

Thirteen Card Story Reading – $125

This spread allows the cards to describe the evolution of a situation over a period of time, allowing you to see how each step has led to the next and how your current situation may influence the future. Please allow up to one week for my interpretation.

Horoscope Reading – $150

Rather than a specific question or situation, this type of spread provides an overview of your life at the time of the reading. Please summarize yourself with a brief paragraph; your age, career or hobbies, general disposition and family situation is plenty of information but you may include more if you so desire. In addition to a card that will represent yourself, each card drawn represents one of the twelve houses of the astrological chart. Each house refers to a specific area of life. A lot of people will do a horoscope reading once a year, usually around their birthday. Please allow up to one week for my interpretation.