She’s back~

Its been awhile since I posted an update here but if you’re still subscribed, hello my darlings! Yes, I am back. I have revamped my entire site and I’m creating new content to warp your minds. Browse on over to the Shop to check out “Mind Fuck” and my other latest mp3s and if you get a chance, please let me know what you think of the update!

The appeal of erotic hypnosis is the way it makes things simple. You don’t have to think or try to do anything. You just close your eyes, listen and allow me to take control for a little while. Any anxiety or stress you may feel is swallowed up by the story being woven around you, and it’s lovely.

You are a puppet for your mistress, a toy to be used and discarded until she’s bored and wants to play with you again. And you love it. You love being mind fucked. Literally. Oh yes. This session will fuck your mind. And fuck with your mind. The pleasure of being brainwashed into perfect obedience combined with the pleasure of obeying my commands will leave you feeling feral, mindlessly horny, and ultimately, craving more.

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