Advice for Newbies

So, you want to be hypnotized? I mean, who doesn’t? (Well, probably a lot of people … While in reality, we’re all experiencing various levels of trance all the time every single day that isn’t the type of hypnosis we’re talking about here, now, is it?) If you’re looking to experience deep quality trances at the hands (or voice) of a sensual femdom hypnotist, please keep reading.

Do NOT open the conversation with some variant of, “Can you hypnotize me?” or “Please just hypnotize me, Mistress.” Some hypnotists will allow this to slide, but most will not. Frankly, I find it somewhat insulting and its just not very helpful to either of us. I understand that you’re eager not to waste any time, however its best to remember that you and your hypnotist are both still people; open the conversation with a proper introduction. Let her get to know you a little bit.

Hypnosis is uniquely suited to work well in the context of a relationship. Taking the time to build friendship and rapport with your hypnotist will make your trance experiences so much better. Unfortunately, this does mean that you won’t connect with every hypnotist. Which leads me to my next point …

Don’t rush into things just to be hypnotized. It’s important to understand that hypnosis works much better when trust has been formed and you know your hypnotist as well as they know you. Learn about each other, get to know one another on more levels than just sexual. It’s more fulfilling, and more successful, in terms of you getting to be hypnotized.

While “unethical therapy” is an extremely popular and super-hot kink to play around with, you do want to avoid hypnotists that are merely looking to take advantage of you. If you only want hypnosis, go listen to a file. Of course, engaging with a live hypnotist is arguably “better” than listening a file, but it’s also much more complicated. Real interactions tend to involve real emotions and contrary to popular beliefs, you can be influenced to do things you might not otherwise do, under the right circumstances.

That said, suggestions do NOT last forever. If you ever change your mind and decide you no longer wish to be under someone’s influence, you can always decide to break your ties with them. Some hypnotists, me included, have specifically created files of the purpose of helping you to break ties and clear your mind of unwanted suggestions. Remember to be safe out there and have fun!