So, you tried to contact me via Niteflirt and you’ve found yourself unexpectedly blocked. Why?! And what do you do about it now?

You might be tempted to go into your most recent transactions and leave some nasty feedback. Show me who’s boss. Take back control of the situation. And that is something you *could* do. It might even grant you the momentary satisfaction of feeling as if you’ve really put me in my place.

A better option might be to cool off and think about what it is you might have done to cause me to seek distance from you to begin with. Did you use a disrespectful tone during our last interaction? Did you make a request that violates NF’s TOS? Those are the most common reasons I block anyone.

If you attempted to violate NF’s TOS, chances are I will never unblock you. I really enjoy being able to take calls via NF and I will not allow anyone to mess that up for me. Sorry, sweetie.

If you think you were blocked by mistake, you may send me an email inquiring into the situation. Be sure to include your NF username and any details you remember regarding our last interaction. Mistakes *do* happen from time to time. But if you know you done goofed, think of it this way … How do you appease a goddess? Gifts and tributes tend to make an impression. Go big or go home. And good luck, darling.

xo, Nicole Dosei