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In this follow up to “Addicted to Love” I begin with a light tease, following up with an induction meant especially for my often overly analytical subjects who struggle to let go … You know who you are and you know you can’t resist my powerful confusion inductions. If that isn’t you, don’t worry–I’ve also woven a wonderful bit of guided imagery into this session as well and once you’re down nice and deep I begin to take advantage of you for allowing yourself to become addicted to me; my voice, my and of course for tumbling down the rabbit hole that is falling in love with a powerful, manipulative erotic like myself. I also make liberal use of that fun trigger phrase I implanted in “Addicted to Love” so make sure you’ve listened to that session before this one! (In this series: Crush – Addicted to Love – 1 4 3 – Mad Love)

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