Digital Download Details Price: $12.99 USD Length: 25 minutes Size: 33 MB Format: MP3


As the clock ticks down another year, another day, another number; I can think of no better way to start this new year than to lose track of time and space for a while and let yourself relax and let my voice take you down down down infinitely deeper, emptying your mind and leaving you sexy and blank …

You crave the pleasure I give and you love the way it feels when you give and give in to me. It feels so good to be my good boy. You are such a good boy for me, sweetheart. And good boys obey, don’t they? Yes they do.

This session is my first of 2021 and a special thank you to my very good boys over the years. To all those who’ve become conditioned to automatically respond to my voice, you will find a wonderful treat within this file, something I’ve concocted just for you. Surrender to my voice, surrender to the pleasure, sweetheart. Thank you and I hope to hear from you very soon.

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