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Length: 24 minutes
Size: 37 MB
Format: MP3


I’ve been getting so many requests lately from guys who wanted to forget all their hypnosis triggers and be completely free and I just want to start by saying this is not that but it was inspired by those requests. This is what happens if a completely unethical hypnotist were to fulfill that request and then mindfuck you into needing even more hypnosis than you ever did before so instead of being free from hypnosis, you’re even more deeply trapped than you were when you started. So. Proceed with caution but have fun!

Features: lengthy confusion induction, JOI, brainwashing, ASMR background track (lots of clicking and whispering for extra brain tingles), amnesia suggestions, post hypnotic suggestions and lots of general mindfuckery including addiction to hypnosis, craving for more trance, reset of previous triggers, etc

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