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I’m giving out the treats a little early this year. I think we all need a little something, don’t you? In this trance training session, I play a little cat and mouse mind game. Will I trance you or not? I mean, it isn’t as if I have any spirals or pendulums. No stop watches or metronomes. How could I? I’m not even suggesting you close your eyes. Are you even tired?

Of course, I’ve caught you over thinking and that’s always a problem, isn’t it? One that I just happen to be uniquely adept at solving. I do have quite the penchant for sweeping all those pesky thoughts far, far away. Making them seem so unimportant and insignificant when I replace them with my own.

And of course, you love how it feels when I make you mine. You love feeling so vulnerable and deeply relaxed, wrapped around my little finger. But now is the time for tricks and treats and I have plenty of both for you, my darling. The session wraps up with a deeply rewarding orgasm trigger for my sweetest treasures and a reminder that no matter what you face in the days ahead, I am always with you.

I had a lot of fun recording this very sweet and nurturing femdom trance training mp3 and I hope you have much fun listening. Thank you so much for being patient with me, sweetie.

xo, Nicole!

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