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Nicole Dosei Owner Dipped in Vinyl Curious? In this femdom aural smut session, I'm the wealthy, dominant, spoiled owner of
You love being feminized, dressing up as a pretty girl, wearing makeup and feminine clothing. You also love your wife,
What's better than draining your wallet? Draining your wifey's wallet too! In this femdom aural smut fantasy, I describe my
No spoilers this time ... This is true trickery on my part. No, I will not tell you what the
Come with me on a relaxing journey deep into your own mind; together we will explore a white sandy beach,
Your devoted girlfriend is waiting at home but first you've got to do something for Nicole. She's waiting in the
My Valentine's Gift this year is a romantic getaway for all of my darling puppets. Deep erotic trance coupled with
Hello, my obedient love slave. Join me as I take you down deeper and deeper, find yourself falling in love
My Christmas gift to all my good boys and darling puppets! Enjoy the experience of deep trance as you listen
By the end of this session, you will be my personal pussy whipped bitch. You will have found your true