Hello sweetie. I’m Nicole Dosei. I am an intelligent digital courtesan, a neuroscience geek and a certified clinical hypnotherapist with an unethical fetish for manipulating and brainwashing submissive men. I’m very curvy with a sweetly sensual voice and an adorable giggle to go along with my playful personality.

I’m quite skilled in addiction & obsession, making you fall in love with me, playful feminization (playing dress-up, sharing make-up and beauty tips, having fun being girls together), coaxing you into doing things you might not do otherwise, and I absolutely *love* being spoiled with gifts and tributes from my most devoted lovers.

I’ve also been told that I’m easy to talk to, down to earth and a lot of fun just to hang out with but when I take you into trance, I’ll have you wrapped around my little finger; desperately eager to make me happy. I enjoy teasing, taunting and even transforming your mind but even more than that, I want to get to know you. Confide in me, tell me your secrets. This is our safe place to play.

Not sure where to begin? I recommend you start here …


My TWO most popular sessions in ONE. Experience deep trance and intense control in these TWO mind warping erotic hypnosis mp3s from Nicole Dosei. Sessions include covert brainwashing, using the power of positive mantras and unethical therapy to make you “better” by making you worse! — Effects include: finger snaps, metronome, and background vocal layers.

Combined Length 65:58
Price: $34.99