A young woman is kidnapped and awakens locked in an unknown basement cell; but Nicole Dosei is no shrinking violet. Using her feminine wiles, she convinces you to let her cuff you to the rickety bed in her cell with promises of “the fuckin’ of your life” … And that’s exactly what you get, even though it isn’t necessarily what you had in mind!

Spoilers: session includes dubious consent, blow job, police issue handcuffs, female captive turning the tables on her male captor, pegging and quite possibly the most descriptive sexual content I’ve released in a long, long time …

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Length: 36 min
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Pleasure is Pain

Our relationship has developed over this last year… you’ve grown so much… in your submission… in your worship… grown to accept what you are… what you need… grown to crave the fulfillment… the release that only comes from the pleasure… of pain…

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Length: 13 min
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