Tranced to Obey Nicole’s Hypno-tits!

Features: deep trance mind control focusing on obsession and addiction to my perfect breasts; post-trance findom suggestions, mild humiliation, jerk off instruction (stroke and pay commands)

This is also the first time I’ve ever sat down to do a recording without having written a script beforehand. It is the closest you will come to experiencing the depth and intimacy of a live session without actually calling me. In this erotic audio session, I coax you down into a deep trance, compelling you to fall deeper and deeper in love and under my mesmerizing spell.

I tease you with my lush, full breasts, taunting you into becoming a desperately horny, helpless mindslave to my tits. Finally I command you to begin to stroke and pay, only allowing you to make cummies after you’ve paid cash tribute to my beautiful, perfect breasts.

Digital Download

Length: 30 min
Price: $29.99 $27.99

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