Earning the Privilege to Stroke & Cum

The fourth and final installment of my “Good Boys” series … Good things cum to those who wait, darling and your reward for being such a wonderful, patient pet is this mp3!

Nearly 40 minutes of deep trance mind control, featuring brainwashing, reprogramming, implanted trigger words, feeding into your addiction and of course a touch of financial domination all while I coax and encourage you to stroke your cock until you cum for me again and again!

I hope you enjoy listening to this session as much as I enjoyed creating it for you! You may also be interested in: Good Boys are Mindless, Brainwashing for Happiness and Surrender Control of Body & Mind or you may simply listen to this file entirely on its own.

Digital Download

Length: 37 min
Price: $37.99 $31.49

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