About Nicole

Hello, sweetie. You may already know of me from Niteflirt, where I’ve been practicing femdom and erotic hypnosis since 2007 but of course, there’s much more to me than simply taking advantage of and manipulating my all-too-willing subjects into becoming love-drunk, obsessed little puppets and precious playthings.

In addition to being a certified hypnotherapist, producing femdom hypnosis, ASMR and ABDL content, I’m also a mixed media artist; I sell hand bound sketchbooks, personalized and custom grimoires, witchy and geeky jewelry as well as my own original artwork.

Prior to discovering Niteflirt and professional phonesex, I’d been experimenting with kinky sex and alternative lifestyles for quite a while. I actually discovered BDSM while I was still in high school and began exploring my own sexuality shortly after. Despite that early start, it actually took me quite awhile to figure myself out and I would say that I’m still learning. Sexuality is fluid, often changing and there’s so much to explore. This is one reason I’m so open to exploring with and learning from you as well …

As for the more intimate details, I’m a petite but curvy and colorful lady, standing just 5’4″ with green eyes and purple hair. I currently reside in Pittsburgh, PA with a blind siamese cat named Joey and my service dog, a miniature American shepherd named Laika.