Live Sessions

Length: up to 30 min
Price: $89.99

Length: up to 60 min
Price: $149.99

Length: up to 120 min
Price: $199.99

If you’re seeking the opportunity to talk to me live, you’re in luck. I offer Skype sessions at a discounted rate for those who don’t mind scheduling their time with me beforehand. If you ask nicely, I may consider watching you on your cam however, be advised that I will not be turning on my own. My Skype ID and instructions will be automatically delivered to the email associated with your PayPal ID.

NEW! Chat with me live on iWantPhone!

Or you can connect with me using Verified Call. I charge $2.99 per minute for a minimum of 15 minutes. Easy to use and you can pre-pay for up to two hours if you like. This is an excellent way to get to know me, experience live, interactive erotic hypnosis or discuss with me the details you’d most like in a custom mp3.

I also offer pay per minute sessions via Niteflirt. Whenever the button below says “Call Now”, just click and call. You’ll be connected to me right away and only pay for the time you use. (No minimum!) Don’t be shy, sweetie … You’ll find that,  despite being a near-perfect demi-goddess, I’m very down to earth and easy to talk to.

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