Live Sessions

Length: up to 30 min
Price: $80

Length: up to 60 min
Price: $150

Length: 120 min+ (IDEAL for GFE date sessions)
Price: $350

If you’re seeking the opportunity to talk to me live, you’re in luck. I offer Skype sessions at a discounted rate for those who don’t mind scheduling their time with me beforehand. If you ask nicely, I may consider watching you on your cam however, be advised that I will not be turning on my own. In addition to accepting payments via my site here, you may also send Cash or gift cards via Amazon and Gift Rocket to | Please note: my Skype is ONLY for conducting prepaid hypnosis sessions. Each prepaid time block is for a single session only. I will not be chatting between calls and I expect my boundaries to be respected. There will be absolutely no discussion of scat, incest, rape, underage sex or bestiality. I reserve the right to say no and/or redirect a session at any time.

120+ means that I will speak to you for *at least* 2 hours, probably longer. I won’t be looking at the clock. Our time together will be more relaxed, more intimate. We could watch a movie together or just take our time really getting to know one another. Some of my most enjoyable experiences are the ones where I can just forget about the clock and focus my attention solely on you.