Temple of the Goddess

You’re so eager for this session, aren’t you my love? That’s right. You’re so filled with longing to worship and surrender completely. My voice can take you there. I can guide you down, so deep …

For the next 20 minutes, all I want you to do is listen and obey. Simply trust in the sound of my voice and the words that I speak because you know that I am your Goddess. And what does a good boy like you do in the presence of a goddess? Hmmm? That’s right. You worship and adore.

Digital Download

Length: 20 min
Price: $20.99 $18.89

Nikki’s Pretty Little Sissy

Do you dream of waking up one morning as a pretty little princess wearing frilly pink panties and feeling oh-so soft and feminine? Of course you do, sweetie! And that is exactly what this erotic hypnosis mp3 is all about. Just listen to my voice and let yourself go as I take you down and transform you into my precious little girl; a perfect little sissy princess for Miss Nicole! This 28 minute session comes in two versions; one with subtle background music and one without so you can listen to your favorite or play them both back-to-back for an even deeper and more powerful trance!

Digital Download
Length: 14 min (each)
Price: $14.99 $13.49 (each)

w/o music
w/ music

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