Mindlessness Allures

Its been awhile since I did an intense brainwashing session and its been even longer since I played around with binaural beats; I’d almost forgotten how much fun it could be. In this session I will empty your mind completely, using an intimate and conversational style of hypnosis with an underlying background track of pleasure inducing binaural beats that will leave you feeling open, submissive and incredibly relaxed.

Digital Download

Length: 16 min
Price: $16.99 $15.29

Whispered Mantras

This is my very first ASMR recording. Positive feedback and constructive criticism is appreciated! In whispered tones, I guide you down into trance, coaxing you to listen and obey my suggestions until eventually I begin to implant a series of positive mantras deep in your subconscious mind, encouraging you to love, serve and obey your mistress, Nicole Dosei. Features love and addiction, repeating mantras, ASMR whispers and a subtle echoing background track. PLEASE NOTE THIS ENTIRE SESSION IS WHISPERED.

Digital Download
Length: 21 min
Price: $21.99 $19.79

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