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Price: $9.99 USD
Length: 19 minutes
Size: 23 MB
Format: MP3


No spoilers this time …

This is true trickery on my part. No, I will not tell you what the suggestions are. Life is a series of choices. Should you choose to purchase this session, you should be prepared to do two things; one will be to prepare yourself a drink. The other will be to choose whether or not to actually drink it. If you do, you’ll descend down a rabbit hole … If you do not, you’ll simply fall asleep and eventually awaken, having experienced a relaxing trance.

There is an element of findom involved … You should also be prepared to spread your wallet, in a sense. You may find yourself making quite a few purchases. You may find yourself with a new and unexpected addiction to feed. Clear your schedule, darling. You may be listening to my voice for quite awhile.

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